Luxury Calacatta white quartz countertop Nov 03, 2021
In the latest 3 years, errazzo calacatta white quartz is the most popular quartz color in the the home decoration. the color are very cleaning white with good perspective which highly attracted by the home designer. There has different vein on the surface and look like the nature Calacatta white marble. now you will have a question that why we don’t choose marble calacatta directly but quartz? Actually we can judge what is the big difference if we just saw the surface, they has the same outside looking and nothing special,
compared with marble,
1) The calacatta white quartz will maintain the same vein on the surface.
2) the hardness can reach above 7.5 Mohs.

3) Calacatta is very high temperature resistance, no deformation and easy clean.

white quartz countertop

So choose Calacatta white quartz countertop is a way of life, it makes you glorious, your kitchen will deserve it.

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