How to choose granite kitchen countertops with high quality and inexpensive? Mar 25, 2022
Granite is loved by more and more families because of its wear resistance and oil resistance. Granite countertops have also become the mainstream of natural stone countertops in kitchens. The maintenance cost of granite countertop is very low. It only needs to be scrubbed occasionally. Its smooth surface can prevent the penetration of food and liquid. As long as it is cleaned regularly. In order to buy Granite countertops with high quality and low price, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Price comparison: it aims to buy the best quality stone at the most favorable price.

2.Choose the color of granite according to the family decoration style: granite is a kind of natural stone. Its color will not be as stable as artificial quartz. It will have color differences.

3.Granite has natural dents and scratches, but this does not affect its beauty, but increases its natural beauty. If you are worried about granite defects and colors, you can choose quartz countertops.

4.Select thickness: the thickness of granite countertop is usually 2 or 3 cm. 3cm thick materials are more expensive but more robust, while 2cm thick granite countertops are more affordable, but they usually need backing plates for installation.

5.Countertop edge processing: the commonly used edge processing is Eased&Polished,Half Bullnose,Full Bullnose,Ogee Side,Double Bullnose,Double Ogee, etc
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