Why does the quartz stone countertop of the cabinet change color Apr 10, 2022
Why does the quartz stone countertop of the cabinet change color

Quartz stone has become the preferred plate for kitchen cabinet countertops. We all know many advantages of quartz stone. Today, let's talk about the shortcomings of quartz. Although quartz stone is resistant to dirt, it will "change color" after being used for a period of time. Will quartz stone change color?

It is uncertain whether the quartz stone will change color. At present, there are two reasons for the change of color on the quartz stone countertop. One is that there are thick stains on the surface of the kitchen countertop due to poor cleaning, which gives people the first impression of discoloration or color seepage. Second, it is possible that the countertop has really changed color.

Quartz will fade under long-term direct sunlight, but it will not change color. It is recommended to replace the discolored quartz stone countertop here. It is possible that the plate you use is not up to the standard. How to clean long-term stains? Because it is difficult to clean, it will feel discoloration or bleeding, so it is better to clean it in time after use.

Don't panic about the long-term accumulation, because the quartz stone countertop surface has excellent corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, so you can use the pigment cleaning agent sino306 for cleaning, spray the cleaning agent on the stone surface, wash the stained area with a brush after 5 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. It can also be soaked in soapy water and scraped off with a blade. Do not rub back and forth with metal objects.
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