Should the quartz kitchen countertop be installed with cushion strip or cushion plate Mar 18, 2022
Kitchen countertop installation belongs to the last process, but it is also a key link. The quality of table installation will directly affect the service life of the overall cabinet! Whether to use a cushion strip or a cushion plate under the installation of quartz stone countertop, everyone has their own words. Should we add it or not? We should understand it and make comments.
Quartz stone belongs to artificial synthetic stone plate made by artificial die casting. Its density is high and its weight is much heavier than artificial stone and natural stone. If the bearing capacity of the cabinet can be reached, it can be achieved without adding cushion strips or plates. However, at present, many cabinets use composite plates, which are weaker in bearing. In this case, it is better to use cushion strip or cushion plate, because the force on the table can be evenly distributed to the whole cabinet.
Should we use cushion strip or cushion plate? The purpose of the pad is to make the force on the table more uniform and reduce the probability of table cracking. Generally, aluminum alloy cushion strip or quartz stone keel, plastic steel keel, aluminum alloy keel, etc. are placed under the common quartz stone platform. The base plate is generally made of wood. The wood base plate is greatly affected by the air and is easy to expand and contract, resulting in the fracture of the table surface and affecting the normal use of the table surface; The cushion strip will not be affected by the air and is not easy to deform. The cushion strip also decomposes the gravity of the table, improves the bearing capacity of the table and enhances the service life of the cabinet.
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