How to select your best kitchen countertop? Feb 08, 2021

Nowdays, People are more concern about the quality of life, following has some ideas.

1,Color Selection.

1)The best choice is select the same color or vein to match with your cabinet. They have thousands of granite colors all over the world, every single piece are pretty but we need to find the right color. For example. the White Cabinet looked glorious and bright, in this way you need to select the white Vein or white spring granite. as you may know, China is a big granite country and The Snow White and New White flower will be a good choice.

2If you don’t like the same color vein, there has another selection is to choose the contrasting colors like

-Brown Maple Cabinet with White, Grey, Beige Granite.

-Light Oak Cabinet with Black granite like Absolutely Black

-Cherry Cabinet with White and Green Granite.


2)Pattern Selection.

Granite comes in 3 basic Patterns: solid, waved and marbled. Solid granite has very little Variation in its pattern and it’s good choice for smaller kitchen, especially the white color granite, it can make your kitchen space feel larger. Waved granite is a special variation and it will make your kitchen unique, moreover, the pattern wave in the same selection will make your kitchen like a picture. Marble granite has a very smooth color and it will make your kitchen very luxuxy. if you buy high-end cabinet, Marble granite will be a good choice.


3) Money selection.

It is not the right reason that the more money you spend, the more expensive granite you get. Actually home is your own ,Spend the right money and choose the suitable color you like!

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